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Discovering Music Theory, The ABRSM Grade 1 Workbook


Discovering Music Theory is a suite of workbooks and corresponding answer books that offers all-round preparation for the updated ABRSM Music Theory exams from 2020, including the new online papers. This full-colour workbook will equip students of all ages with the skills, knowledge and understanding required for the ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory exam. Written to make theory engaging and relevant to developing musicians of all ages, it offers:
• straightforward explanations of all new concepts
• progressive exercises to build skills and understanding, step by step
• challenge questions to extend learning and develop music-writing skills
• helpful tips for how to approach specific exercises
• ideas for linking theory to music listening, performing and instrumental/singing lessons
• lear signposting and progress reviews throughout
• a sample practice exam paper showing you what to expect in the new style of exams from 2020.

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