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Intelli IMT103 Digital Violin Tuner


Intelli Digital Violin Tuner #103. The IMT-103 combines a chromatic and violin tuner in a compact and slim body for mostly portable use. Features: Chromatic tuner (12 tempered scale) + Dedicated Violin Tuner (perfect fifth), Quadra flat tuning, no need to remove a capo to tune your guitar, built in microphone and jack for electric guitars. Calibrate from A = 430 to 449 Hz with 1Hz step. Easy to read LCD meter acts like a real tuning meter, clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents. Advanced tuning algorithm works for most string and reed instruments including human voice.

Built in stand tilts the unit for tabletop viewing or mounts on music stand. Non-volatile memory maintains all settings during power-off. Super-bright and fascinating 3 coloured tuning guide LED. Recessed power on/off button: won't accidentally turn on in your instrument case. Ultra-long battery life, ten times longer than others. Two year warranty.

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