Music On The Move

Music: An Illustrated History


This is an encyclopedia of musical instruments and the art of music-making. It examines a wide range of musical instruments, including strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboards and the voice, as well as rare and non-Western instruments. It features famous players, orchestras and concert halls, and the role of the composer and the conductor. It includes information on the evolution of the orchestra - from medieval consorts, baroque and classical orchestras, through to the modern symphony orchestra. It explores other forms such as folk music, brass and military bands, country music, jazz bands, big bands and pop groups. The art of music-making has existed for thousands of years. This fascinating book begins with a history of music-making, posing the questions "What is music?" and "What is a musical instrument?". A visual directory is organized according to families of instruments: strings, woodwind and brass, percussion and keyboards, as well as a section on the voice. Comprehensively written and beautifully illustrated with over 450 photographs, the book covers a wide range of instruments and their historical relatives. It also provides a complete history of music-making and the orchestra, making it an indispensable reference for music lovers everywhere.

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