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Practicing The Piano


In Practicing the Piano, Nancy O'Neill Breth offers a broad selection ofpractice tips with musical examples to help students of all ages find i maginative solutions to pianistic problems. The book explores how to: organize practice time; map music before practicing to uncover the musicalterrain that lies ahead; use practice time effectively from the first r eading through performance; develop fluency with accuracy; polish and memorize a piece; and lay the foundation for confident performance. Practicing the Piano is a handbook of practice techniques. Teachers can use itto reinforce and augment their own ideas on practicing. Parents will fi nd a wealth of ideas for guiding their children's practice sessions. Students young and old will discover how to make each practice session count. Using the book's wide range of practice tips not only improves a pianist's skills, but also adds adventure and enjoyment to the process of mastering a piece.

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