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11 Easy Pieces For Piano - Birch (INCL. Download Audio)


Breitkopf & Hartel

Each piece is based on a motive characteristic of the respective style. For all its simplicity, the composer achieves to keep the musical curiosity alive by little variants in melody and accompaniment. This makes engaging with this music both motivating and instructive. The markings for articulation and dynamic help to achieve a profiled, expressive playing. The fingering, kept to the basics, supports each intended playing gesture and helps with the phrasing. In short: ideal "food" for piano players of all ages with a little experience.

1 No Clouds
2 A Groovy Left Hand
3 A Night in La Boca
4 Bass No Drums
5 Syncopated Rock
6 Like a Swedish Folksong
7 Mango-Tango
8 Bear-Boogie
9 Rock on the Block
10 Song
11 Blues around the Corner

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