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Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 - Henle Edition


Grande Sonate Pathetique

In the space of only eight years, Beethoven created at least 20 piano sonatas between 1794 and 1802, among them his so-called "Grande Sonate Pathétique" op. 13. It brings the classical style to perfection and at the same time hints at its heroic phase with its strongly romantic expression , Composed in the "tragic" key of C minor, it foreshadows the expressive drama of later masterpieces, such as the 5th Symphony or the Overture to Coriolan. The sonata is among the most famous technically best to master, and therefore enjoys great popularity among advanced piano students. The new Urtext edition of G. Henle Verlag comes from the successful Beethoven workshop by Norbert Gertsch and Murray Perahia.

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