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A first book of very easy pieces for Cello - Cello Time Joggers recognises the need for simple pieces to help beginners 'jog along'. In selecting very easy tunes, ranging from folk to rock and calypso, everything is carefully paced to build confidence along the way . . . Students will enjoy reading the Notice Boards that introduce new notes and rhythms. The use of open strings at first allows students to establish balanced posture and bowing skills without the added complication of left hand fingering.

Cello / Preliminary / List B

  • Rocking horse (Cello time joggers)
  • The old castle (Cello time joggers)

Cello / Preliminary / List C

  • Cello time (Cello time joggers)

Cello Accompaniment Book: An addition to the Cello Time series for young cellists, this book provides cello accompaniments to all of the pieces in Cello Time Joggers. Theduet part is suitable for a teacher or more advanced student, and this duet book will enhance lessons by providing an alternative accompanimentoption for these popular pieces.

Piano Accompaniment Book: Contains all the piano accompaniments for Cello Time Joggers. Characterful and easy to play, these piano parts provide the perfect stylish accompaniment to the cellist's first tunes, and help capture the spirit and mood of the pieces.


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