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Chord Workbook - Margaret Brandman


This is a fill-in-answer style workbook covering all types of triads and four-note chords found in both Classical and Modern music. It not only develops a knowledge of chords but also demonstrates the relationship of chords to scale and keys. An answer book is also now available!

It is designed to complement and follow on from Contemporary Theory Workbooks one and two, and to be used in conjunction with the Contemporary Piano Method. Each type of chord is thoroughly explained from several different points of view and sufficient exercises are set to enable the student to gain a thorough understanding of chords in all keys.

  • Comprehensive guide to chords
  • Includes Modes
  • Suitable for all instruments

    Book One: The Building Blocks of Chords, plus all three and four-note chords.

    Book Two: Following on from Book One, this book presents information and exercises on the extended chords: 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, etc., using the same practical approach as the first book. Both books are suitable for all instruments as Treble and Bass Clef exercises have been given equal weight. For those interested in Composing, Arranging or four-part writing, the series provides a most thorough grounding.

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