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Succeeding At The Piano Grade 2A - Helen Marlais ... CLICK FOR MORE TITLES



Students and teachers will be inspired as they start this next level of Succeeding at the PianoŒ¬. In addition to the fabulous music that thoroughly reinforces all of the concepts of Grade 1, Grade 2A includes new concepts such as: eighth notes; Major and minor five-finger patterns and triads in C, G, D, and A; the damper pedal; cross-hand arpeggio; key signature; low F in the Bass Clef; first and second endings; ritardando; E above Middle C in the Bass Clef; the sonatina; ostinato patterns; A minor;fermata; a tempo; and the dotted quarter note. The multi-key reading ap proach is continued in combination with traditional note reading and intervallic reading, and technique is completely integrated in the Lesson Book, so students continue to review the same principles set forth right from the start.

The CD has both practice and performance tracks for many of the pieces which will help students learn and reinforce correct practice habits. The CD also provides students with an opportunity toplay with a string quartet accompaniment recorded live in every unit!



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