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Fluteworthy Basics Book

The Fluteworthy Basic Book is for flute students in their first few years of playing; grades 1-5. It provides all the foundations for good technique through short and achievable exercises for breathing, tone, dynamics, intonation, articulation, fingers and rhythm. There are also helpful technical tips and posture guides from Christine, Lamorna and Jocelyn. Students can work on the techniques, then put them into practice in the studies in the second part of the book. Or, the exercises can be used to target issues that arise in the studies and other repertoire.

The studies have been compiled to appeal to students and teachers, and feature some of the best pieces from our beloved flute gurus: Koehler, Gariboldi, Altes, Soussmann, Popp, Dressler, Berbiguier, Andersen, Quantz and Toulou. The collection includes 16 studies listed in the AMEB syllabus for grades 1 -5. There are some popular traditional songs, duets and even some brand new works by Christine and Jocelyn.

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