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Haydn : At the Piano Beethoven : Henle Edition


In progressive order of difficulty

Haydn’s piano sonatas are indispensable in the moderately difficult piano repertoire – not just because of their sheer playability, but also because of their humour and inventiveness. Besides several easy individual movements, our volume also includes two complete sonatas so that the performer can experience the broader dramatic trajectory of a multi-movement work. We further include some charming arrangements for piano that Haydn made of his own works – such as the slow movement of his String Quartet op. 76 no. 3, whose theme is better known today as the German national anthem.

1 Allegretto G major (after an aria from "La vera costanza")
2 Allegretto and Presto G major (after Hob. III:41/IV)
3 Largo assai in E after Hob. III:74/II
4 Poco adagio G major - after the variations on "Gott erhalte"
5 Piano Sonata G minor Hob. XVI:44
6 Piano Sonata D major Hob. XVI:37
7 1st movement: Presto from Sonata E minor Hob. XVI:34
8 3rd movement: Finale. Tempo di Minuet from Sonata Hob. XVI:4


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