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Illustrated History and Directory Of Acoustic Guitars


This is a visual guide to more than 150 guitars from the early 16th century up to the modern day. It is a historical overview examines the development of the acoustic guitar, from early ancestors to the five-course Baroque guitar, flamenco, steel-string and modern guitar. It features an illustrated dire ctory of instruments, including citterns, mandolins, American flat-top and classical guitars, and famous makes such as Gibson, Fender and Martin. It also includes rare and unusual instruments from around the world, such as harp-guitars and bass-lutes. The acoustic guitar is a fascinating instrument which has evolved over the last few hundred years from instruments such as the lute and the vihuela. This book explores the history and development of the acoustic guitar, from the first plucked strings through to the modern instruments of today. A fully illustrated directory explores the many types of guitar in depth, from early 16th-century variants of the instrument through to flamenco, steel-string and resonator guitars, as well as acoustic basses.With over 150 guitars shown in 220 photographs, this comprehensive volume is an essential guide for anyone interested in this popular instrument.

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