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Melodious Masterpieces Book 1


These masterpieces encourage performers to play more expressively and in a reflective manner. Well-suited for students who enjoy playing literature of a more lyrical nature. Most selections are from the Romantic period, although all periods are represented.

Piano / Grade 1 / List A

  • Sonata in C major K 73b (Melodious Masterpieces Book 1)

Piano / Grade 1 / List B

  • Sonatina in C major (Melodious Masterpieces Book 1)

Piano / Grade 3 / List B

  • Longing No. 11 from Album for the Young Op. 140 (Melodious Masterpieces Book 1)
  • My Dear Mother No. 1 from Grandfather's Album Op. 119

Piano / Preliminary / List B

  • Arietta in C Major (Melodious Masterpices Book 1)
  • Songs Without Words (Melodious Masterpieces Book 1)

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