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Schonberg : 6 Little Piano Pieces Op. 19


Op. 11 still preserves - indeed emphasizes - the techniques of thematic construction. Op. 19, written two years later, dispenses even with the thematic gestures; "a-tonality" here also means "a-thematicism." The first five of these miniatures seem to have been written on a single day, February 19, 1911; the last was added in June. Only the first piece has a certain scope and an ongoing developmental quality in its suggestion of vocal phrase structure and four-part harmonic texture. Yet, in spite of appearances, there is no thematic development at all; as in the similar case of "Erwartung" (the piece is like a fragment from some unknown music drama), there is phrase structure without themes; only the controlling presence of certain intervals integrates the free, intense melodic and harmonic structures. (Eric Salzman)

Piano / Certificate of Performance / List D

  • Sechs kleine Klavierstucke Op. 19

Piano / Grade 8 / List D

  • Leicht, zart No. 1, Langsam No. 2 and Sehr langsam Viertel No. 3 from 6 Little Pieces Op. 19
  • Rasch, aber leicht No. 4, Etwas rasch No. 5 and Sehr langsam No. 6 from 6 Little Pieces Op. 19

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