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Schumann : 3 Fantasies Op. 111


An authoritative Urtext edition of Three Fantasy Pieces Op.111 by Robert Schumann, edited by Ernst Herttrich with fingering by Walther Lampe. Following Schumann’s move to the Rhine, where he had become the musical director of the Düsseldorf Music Society, times became hard for him. Despite several initial successes, he increasingly encountered resistance from notabilities, musicians and the public. He thus worked all the more intensively at home on his new works. “R. has composed three piano pieces of a very serious, passionate character, which greatly please me”, Clara Schumann wrote in her diary in September 1851. This edition of the “Fanasy Pieces”, which display a certain affinity with the Romances Op.28, has been thoroughly revised and an informative preface has been added.

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