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Schumann : Forest Scenes Op. 82


Schumann's Forest Scenes Op.82 are a typical example of German romanticism, an age that expressed itself in a great many images, where mystery was no less part of its preferred expressive universe than obscurity, the sacred no less than the ominous, unrestrained merriment no less than escapism and the remembrance of bygone days. One of the typical metaphors for these facets was the forest. Writers and poets frequently took up this metaphor and adorned it with ever-new imagery. Schumann, too, was held in thrall by the magnetism of the 'romantic forest'.This is a highly accurate Urtext edition of Schumann's Forest Scenes Op.82, presenting an accurate realisation of the composer's original intentions, as edited with critical commentaries by Ernst Herttrich and fingered by Walther Lampe.

Piano / Grade 5 / List C

  • Eisame Blumen [Lonely Flowers] No. 3 from Waldscenen Op. 82

Piano / Grade 8 / List C

  • Vogel als Prophet No. 7 from Waldscenen (Forest Scenes) Op. 82

Piano for Leisure / Grade 7 / Open Manual list

  • Herberge No 6 from Waldszenen Op. 82

Piano for Leisure / Grade 8 / Open Manual list

  • Verrufene Stelle No 4 from Waldszenen Op. 82

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