Music On The Move

Showstoppers Book 1


10 Original Piano Solos in Progressive Order

The Jennifer Linn Series features carefully leveled collections of either popular music arrangements or original compositions. The pieces or songs in each book are placed in a progressive order so students can learn new skills as they advance through teh book. Written for piano students of all ages, there are five levels in the series: Early Bird (Pre-Staff), Easy Elementary, Elementary+, Easy Intermediate, Intermediate+.

The Showstoppers Book 1 collection includes 10 easy intermediate originals: Rainbow Dreams • Bluebird Lullaby • Tricky Traffic • A Sprinkle of Rain • Tiger Chase • Stargazer Suite (four movements: 1. Black Hole; 2. Falling Star; 3. Lost Star; 4. Supernova) • Prelude to the Brave.

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