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Succeeding At The Piano Grade 1A - Helen Marlais ... CLICK FOR MORE TITLES



Grade 1 thoroughly reinforces all of the concepts and the six basic techniques from the Preparatory level. New concepts include: melodic and harmonic intervals; tempo markings; quarter, half, and whole rests; legato and staccato articulations; Treble C Position, G Position, D Position, and Bass G Position (starting a 4th below Bass C); musical form; half and whole steps; tonic and dominant; the natural sign; upbeats and accents;mp and mf dynamics. The terrific motivational music by multiple compose rs along with the pedagogically sound approach will provide students with continued success!

Using the CD helps students learn and reinforce correct practice habits and provides students with an opportunity to play many of the pieces with a string quartet accompaniment (two violins, viola, and cello), recorded live!



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